The New Home as it Becomes……


The New Home begins to take shape as the ground crew work tirelessly to meet the deadline. When finished this institution will be modeled as closely as possible after the plan of a Christian home.

Those in charge of this home are men and women who are large-hearted , inspired, cultured and self-sacrificing; men and women who undertake the work from love to God and who train the children for Him. Under such care many neglected ones may be prepared to become useful members of society, and in turn helping others.

As we look forward  to moving to our new home, we are faced with  challenges of furnishing it and providing basic hygiene gear. Below is the  list of items as we need :

    • Beds @ $50
    • Mosquito nets @ $5
    • Diapers @ $ 15 size 4 & up
    • Blankets @ $20
    • Sofas @ $50
    • Tables @ $35
    • Chairs @ $30
    • Toothbrush @ $10 buy 20 units

To help in the purchase of one or more items visit or donate

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  1. Kevin says:

    Wow!! This is great Andrew. Indeed it is a noble idea to give every kid a chance to live a fulfilling life. I would like to appreciate the work of the people attending to the kids for their selfless, tireless and heartily dedication to these children. We can not give enough to thank them but our heavenly father would surely reward them. All we can do is encourage them and show our appreciation. Thank you Stella, Mibei, Florida, Kibet and Richard. May God bless you. My appreciation also for the people working to ensure that the home gets all it needs. the ongoing construction is a miracle and praise be to God. Andrew and the other Directors, thank you and God bless you too.

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