How we work


In order to respond to the growing number of orphans, Kids Home International has put forward five strategic Plan:

  1. Strengthen the capacity of families to protect and care for orphans and vulnerable children
  2. Mobilize and strengthen community-based responses
  3. Ensure access to essential services for orphans and vulnerable children
  4. Ensure that  governments protect the most vulnerable children
  5. Raise awareness to create a supportive environment for children affected by HIV/AIDS


We have entered into a well-defined  relationships with other organizations in order to achieve common goals. We have a close working association with:

  • Omniflora
  • Finlays
  • Allina  hospitals and Clinics
  • Live with Hope
  • Vineyard  Ministries
  • Crosslink International

We engage in dialogue and collaboration with community members; encourage  community members to get involved:

  • Listen carefully to what the community is saying
  • Take the time needed to deal with community concerns
  • Change planned actions where community comments or concerns have merit
  • Keep the community well informed of ongoing and planned activities
  • Explain to the community what KHI has done and why


At Kids Home International we believe that quality child care promotes the developmental well-being of children and therefore we have set standards that are important to better cognitive and social development. Our staff provides positive caregiving that includes:

Showing a positive attitude, having positive physical contact, responding to vocalizations, asking questions, praising or encouraging, singing &  reading, teaching &  advancing behavior, constant loving, encouraging development, and eliminating negative  interactions.

Self Sustainability

succulent plant

What if an orphanages and families didn’t need to rely on donations to survive? What if it could not only care for children in need but also revitalize the community through socially conscious business practices.Our goal is to help orphanages and families to the point where they don’t need us at all and are thriving and self supporting. It’s our further goal to replicate  this model so that other struggling orphanages and families can become self sustaining and a  source of life to the community they are in as well.