How You Can Help

With the help of generous contributions from donors like you, we can provide food, shelter, education, health care & clothing. Our funding does not stem from government grants. Donations provide the financial support needed to operate these orphanages and provide care for the children.  Your gift or donation to Kids Home will bring you the joy of knowing you are helping save children’s lives. Donate


Kids Home International gives volunteers a unique opportunity to work one on one with the children and staff. Through this life changing experience, a spiritual awakening takes place in both the volunteers and the children. In addition to helping build orphanages, plant gardens, teach self-reliance, and maintain the property, volunteers offer loving support. Infant children feel loved through the human touch experience perpetuated by volunteers and staff, this is a key component to our success.


Thank you for helping make a miracle happen for a very special child! Your sponsorship will make a difference and help break this terrible cycle of poverty. By becoming a sponsor you can make an immediate difference in a child’s life and see tangible results. When you decide to sponsor your child, you’ll get;

  • 2 letters from your child and an updated photo each year.
  • A fact-filled brochure describing the conditions in your child’s country.
  • An annual update from the Project Manager in your child’s community.
  • The opportunity to write to your child as often as you like, as well as send birthday, and Christmas gifts and cards.

For only $25 a month, you can feed, clothe and provide school supplies for a child!. For information about sponsoring a child, contact

Your Support

When you support Kids Home International, you are supporting projects that benefit children in Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi Africa. Your support is critical in improving the basic healthcare , bringing power of reading and writing to those who can’t read, providing shelter to the homeless, feeding the hungry and clothing the poor. Donate today and make a difference!

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